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HERE'S THE BLOCKCHAIN - Bitcoin / Fine Art Print

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Unframed Bitcoin Art Print, Fine Art Paper - 250 g/m² (Matt finish)
Dimensions: 50.0 x 70.0 cm, 19.685 x 27.559 inches  

“The big problem we have right now is not that jobs or opportunities don’t exist but that we have this giant black hole of war and derivatives and financialization that is sucking the productive wealth of this country and putting it into an environment where nothing is more profitable than war. Nothing is more profitable than FED zero percent loans. Nothing is more profitable than algorithmic trading and making suckers of everybody’s retirement. As long as that is the case the entire economy will be stagnant but Bitcoin gives us a new way of doing things.”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Based on the infamous Sex Pistols album cover, designed by English artist and anarchist Jamie Reid, ‘Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Blockchain’ represents a new era of democratic finances and distributed power. With its bold colours and appropriated cut out text, Reid’s artwork symbolised a new freedom of expression for people who craved to be citizens, not subjects of another person's will. The Bitcoin Blockchain’s promise involves a future in which no one has absolute power online. Although this future has not yet to be realized, every day more and more of the smartest people in technology are believing with Bitcoin's blockchain a better world will be possible one day soon.



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